Wood Siding Can Last a Hundred Years

When properly installed and maintained, wood siding can last more than a hundred years. Unfortunately, it does not in most cases. The main reason why most wood sidings do not last this long is because homeowners fail to do the necessary maintenance and care to their wood siding. Just like with majority of the other siding materials, it is extremely important that homeowners pay serious attention to direction changes in materials, separation of boards, and warping. It is best to catch any problems in early stages to prevent damage.

Wood is a beautiful material that adds value to a home and a classy appearance. It is worth performing the maintenance as a properly maintained wood siding will last for a very long time. Homeowners must regularly check the siding for possible swells. These can be caused by the presence of moisture, termites, other pests, or fungus. If this is caught in time, proper corrective action and treatment must be undertaken to prevent further deterioration.

The proper maintenance of wood siding must include power washing, sealing, and staining in regular frequency. Control and removal of mildew and mold is a key to making wood siding last. Preventative maintenance is the best way to keeping it looking great and trouble free.

During a wood siding installation project it is extremely vital that the wood boards are tight enough together in order to prevent water from penetrating and repel the intrusion of pests. Conversely, the boards must not be too tight, in order to allow for a quick dry of the back and front end of the wood siding.

Sunlight dries wood in a way that is different from what most of us are aware. Water does not entirely evaporate from the wood surface when exposed to sunlight. Water is also pushed through the inner part of the wood. For this reason, it is essential for air to be able to get in between boards. This access to air allows the back of the clapboards to dry as well as the front. The boards need to “breathe.”

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