Get a Real Deal with Faux Stone Siding

The main reason why most homeowners are not inclined to have stone walls on their homes is the high cost involved with materials and construction. They are beautiful and desirable, but expensive. There are alternatives like the Faux stone siding. They offer the opportunity of achieving the elegant look of the stone siding without being heavy on your pocket. You get the real look of the stone wall system but free of the maintenance requirements associated with the real thing. This siding product is easy to install as it is made out of lightweight core materials.

The Faux stone siding is sold as full panels covering about 7 feet or as half panels covering about 3 ½ feet. The siding product is made from polyurethane material that seamlessly replicates the look of an authentic stone wall system. These are lightweight materials weighing about a pound for every square foot. Homeowners will benefit from the lower costs of materials and lightweight materials. These factors greatly lower the cost to install faux stone siding.

This siding product frees the homeowners with the obligatory maintenance jobs that are needed by authentic stone wall systems. This product is pre-treated and water-resistant. You will not have any concern with potential UV light degradation. This product can be installed with the help of a professional installer by following the installation guide and using simple home tools.

There are also some styles of Faux stone siding in the market that use authentic stone as molds in order to create a level of finish as authentic as a real stone wall system. Homeowners can choose from a wide array of design options which include castle rock, brick, cobble stone, random rock, dry stack, stacked stone and ledge stone.

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