Cedar Siding: Practical Home Makeover Solution

Cedar siding is one of the most popular siding options in the market today. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful, durable materials to use when installing siding on a home. The vast number of homes that purchase cedar siding is a concrete testament of its wide acceptance and popularity among homeowners.

Because of its fine texture and soothing amber pigmentation, cedar siding is one of the most time-honored siding materials. This natural pigmentation makes it perfect for a simple stain finish. It also contains a minimal amount of resin allowing for other finishing options. Furthermore, cedar siding emits a distinctive aroma due to the presence of tropolone and thujaplicins compounds. These compounds act as an effective repellant of harmful, wood-boring insects and fungi.

Installing cedar siding affords homeowners with the flexibility of blending it with most of the popular and common housing styles and designs. In many instances, cedar wood siding is a common option in both Victorian and contemporary home designs. It fits as an option for many different styles of homes in a variety of neighborhoods.

Not only homeowners can achieve a warm, appealing look for their property by installing cedar siding. Cedar siding is also one of the top choices in commercial building construction. This is evidence of its proven reliability and functionality under a broad range of building conditions.

Cedar siding is an environmentally-friendly home construction material. A large part of the cedar trees that are harvested are put into practical use. The remaining debris from the process is completely left to be reclaimed by Mother Nature. Cedar is categorized as a renewable and biodegradable construction. Materials such as vinyl siding and aluminum siding are not.

As you can see, installing cedar siding is a great option for many homes and commercial properties. It looks great, is extremely durable, and is biodegradable. Contact us for a free quote from multiple prescreened, licensed contractors in your area.

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