Masonite Siding: A Tough and Durable Siding Option

If you have had enough of all the cracking and swelling of conventional wood siding then perhaps it is about time for you to seriously consider another option. Masonite siding is a synthetic combination of resins, waxes, and fibers with core materials fused together through a special manufacturing process. Pressure and heat are combined to create a fine textured, durable siding material. This durable hardboard material achieves an extremely high level of toughness and captures the same look as authentic wood siding. Homeowners can now enjoy the appearance of wood siding without facing the negatives that come with it.

A major draw of installing Masonite siding is its unmistakable resemblance to wood siding. It looks amazingly like wood siding. Yet, it does not have flaws that can be seen some pieces of wood siding. Because it is a synthetic material, Masonite siding eliminates the problems of swelling, cracking and blistering. Wood is a natural element and can vary in quality from piece to piece.

Another advantage of this siding product is that it is significantly less expensive than it wooden counterpart. Find out more about masonite siding installation pricing. For those who are concerned about environmental issues, installing Masonite siding could be an alternative to installing wood siding. Since the material comes from synthetic source materials, it does not deliver the impact on the environment that goes on with clear cutting trees.

Masonite siding comes in several manufacturing states which include pre-painted, pre-primed or pre-stained. Homeowners are afforded with the convenience of fast and easy installation of the Masonite siding with the option to purchase a pre-selected color finish. If you are looking to purchase this siding we highly recommend you buy the pre-primed version. Doing this can save you a lot of time if you are painting the house yourself, or a lot of money if you hire a painting contractor.

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